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Learn how to make beautiful crochet items that are artfully “Handmade”. Crochet courses coming soon!

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Quilted Photography Courses are now available! Start by learning the core concepts of stitched art in our FREE course.

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“If you’ve looked at Tammie Bowser’s amazing art quilts and thought, ‘How does she do that?’ or ‘I could never make something so beautiful!’ this
book is your answer. Tammie breaks down her creative process and construction techniques into manageable bites, and explains it in simple language, so that anyone can learn it. Beyond the solid information and instructions, this book is an intimate look inside the mind and heart of a unique fiber artist with a great passion for teaching.”

Susan Brubaker Knapp
Fiber artist, author, and host of Quilting Arts TV

“Tammie’s quilted photos are so slick to make; they come together like magic! Besides being fun to make, It’s fun to bask in all the compliments.”
Ami Simms
Quilt book author, award winning quilter

“Your favorite photos recreated in fabric… what a fabulous idea! Tammie’s easy to follow directions and her color value theories will help you preserve a memory in fabric”
Kaye Wood
T.V. show host and author of 28 quilting books

“Tammie Bowser’s methods give you the tools to make heirloom-quality quilts on your first try. She has created a program that breaks down a process that would be unfathomably complicated for a busy quilter and makes it fun and fast to do. The results are nothing short of stunning in every case.”
Sue Ann Taylor
Founder of Quilters News Network